What gives you a sense of wonder in the world?

I have lifelong memories of the magic of nature—the whisps and curls of vines, the glitter of snail trails, a sunset’s glow—that remind me every day of my responsibility to keep the world clean and beautiful and inspire me to create magical fairy moments. Whether you want a fairy village or a fairy studio apartment, a one-time fairy gift or an ongoing relationship with the fairy council, I can create custom fairy experiences for believers of all ages. I create indoor and outdoor fairy dwellings from natural materials, as well as fairy furniture, objects, scrolls, and other evidence of the existence of fairies.


“Fairies come in many shapes & sizes and are in charge of helping, healing and protecting both plants and animals. We are here to remind people that play is very important, that life is joyful and fun, that everything is alive, and that animals and nature are to be loved & respected.”

We have big work to do on this planet, to protect nature for future generations. Contact me if you would like to build something magical in your home or garden.