Based out of her Gig Harbor studio, artist Jane Henson creates intricate illustrations using pen and watercolor. Both whimsical and visionary, Henson's work lifts the curtain between the natural and spiritual worlds.

“I share my feelings about nature with others through my work because it is an authentic and honest conveyance of my passion and a true expression of who I am. My artwork is part of my spiritual journey which includes making choices that support and lead me to fulfilling my purpose as I awaken to my own true nature. Exploring my ability to artistically convey my experiences and feelings that have been internalized has always been immensely satisfying for me.

My hope is that viewers will be reminded of the profound beauty of nature, with all of its’ complexities and simplicity; that it will validate their own connection to the earth, expanding their awareness of the special bond between humanity and the environment. Perhaps they will be encouraged to follow their own heart, creatively speaking. By paying attention to the prompting of my spirit to go after what brings me immense joy I will continue to explore this current artistic expression that honors our natural world. It is the original work of art and design, of which we are all an integral part.”